working with me

Most of the projects I take on follow the same initial process before work begins:


Initial Talk

1. First contact to discuss your general needs and interest in hiring me for your project. Afterwords, we schedule a consultation.


Getting Started

2. Either ahead of the consultation session or in person before or after, I will collect some basic information to aid in keeping contact and assist with project management.


30 min consultation

3. For most projects, whether you’re a new client or an existing client with a new project, I offer free 30 minute consultation sessions to see whether my skills and services would be a good fit for your needs. These meetings can be held at my office, your location or remotely over the phone or Skype.


Whether tech-savvy or not, I’m happy to break down all the complexities in any project so anyone can understand each phase of the process.


It’s easy to schedule appointments with me both in remotely and in person, whether it’s just for a brief consulting session or an all-day project.


My pricing and payment structure is designed to be fair and convenient. We can work together on establishing a budget that gets you the most value.


Details are important to really make your project stand out from the rest. My process ensures every part of the project is given that extra attention to detail.


Easy, quick and clear communication is essential for any project. Whether in person, through phone or email, it’s always easy to get in touch.


Each client gets an account here after signing up for a project, where they can access project notes, files, resources and invoices, along with other useful data.