Visual Branding & Logo Process

My process is designed to help keep the project organized, efficient and flexible.

Each project different. This list serves as an outline on how to proceed but phases can be rearranged as needed.


1. Initial Meeting
2. Review Process
3. Questionnaire
4. Project Proposal
5. Project Brief

Project Foundation

Setting up shared cloud folder for exchanging data

Scope of Project

Decide on what items you want as part of the visual branding package.


1. Market Research
2. Grouping Together Ideas
3. Content Acquisition

Design Work

Creation of graphics and integrating content into project


1. Get feedback
2. Make changes based on feedback

Package for Distribution

Files exported in the various formats needed for print and/or other media.

Delivery of Graphics

Final prints and/or graphics are complete.

Visual Branding Elements Available are:

Brand overhaul can include up to:


Logo mark



Commonly Used Graphics


Commonly Used Images

Forms and UI

Style guide PDF