Video production Process

Sessions can be held at my studio or your location.


1. Initial Meeting
2. Review Process
3. Questionnaire
4. Project Proposal
5. Project Brief

Project Foundation

Setting up shared cloud folder for exchanging data


1. Market research
2. Competition research
3. Create shot list
4. Create storyboard
5. Writing script
6. Deciding technical aspects
(Resolution | Codecs | Uses)
7. Planning logistics of project
8. Content acquisition of additional media to be used


1. Setting up the lights
2. Setting up the camera
3. Ensuring the set is safe
4. Directing the actors
5. Getting B-roll footage

Post Production

1. Editing
2. Sound design and mixing
3. Voice over work
4. Special effects
5. Graphics and text
6. Color Grading

Final Review & Edits

Meetings to review the now completed product and making any final adjustments before exporting the final files.

Packaging files for distribution

Files get exported in the requested formats and resolutions.

Delivery of VIdeos

Photos are emailed or delivered on physical media.


Videos I produce for clients are often published and promoted on their websites and social media accounts, especially video-focused sites like YouTube.

Things to plan out before video sessions begin: 

Cast talent | Obtain permits | Scout locations | Filming dates | Equipment needed | Timeline | External resources needed like music