Photography Process

Sessions can be held at my studio or your location.


1. Initial Meeting
2. Review Process
3. Questionnaire
4. Project Proposal
5. Project Brief

Project Foundation

Setting up shared cloud folder for exchanging data


1. Brainstorming on Ideas
2. Create Shot List
3. Deciding Technical Aspects
(Formats, Uses, Resolutions)
4. Logistics of Project
(Cast talent | Obtain permits | Scout locations | Photographing dates | Equipment needed | Timeline)

Photography Session(s)

1. Setting up Lights & Gear
2. Setting up Camera 3. Ensuring Shooting Environment is Safe
4. Photography

Editing & Processing

Doing any necessary edits, effects and exporting files into requested formats.

Final Review

Any final adjustments are made before final delivery of images.

Delivery of Photos

Photos are emailed or delivered on physical media.