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I’m located at 418 Cerrillos Rd #19, Santa Fe, NM 87501, in a building called Design Center Santa Fe, on the second floor. This building has elevator access to the second floor. Parking within close proximity to my office is generally accessible at most times, with occaisional challenges around the lunch hour.

No, I currently work entirely by appointment. However, anyone is welcome to step in if I happen to be working in the office and don’t have a client or am working on a time-sensitive project.

I’ve been working independently in the fields listed throughout my website for over 10 years; my freelance business has been in operation since 2017.

Yes, I work as a freelancer with West Design Tech serving as my brand for all client and internal projects. For certain projects I will outsource when a specific specialization is needed that my services don’t cover.

I use a number of professional-grade DSLRs, lenses and a wide variety of accessories, such as studio strobes, light modifiers, camera sliders, video lights and microphones for both my photographic and video services.


Charges for my services vary according to project needs, but are generally reasonable and highly competitive. $20 travel fees apply when I travel to your location within the city. (City of Santa Fe gross receipts tax is applied to all services within the state of New Mexico.)

I sometimes offer discounts on a project-by-project basis when multiple services I offer are bundled together.

Gross receipts tax of 8.4375% is applied for clients located within the state of New Mexico. For clients in other states, no tax is applied.

I accept payment through credit cards (Visa, American Express, Discover and Master Card), check or cash.

For any invoice that’s emailed to you, those can be paid by credit card or you’re welcome to mail in a check at the address listed on the invoice.

In most cases, you have up to 30 days to make a payment upon receipt of an invoice.

Yes. An invoice will be emailed to you for each payment interval, which is payable through credit card or check. Automatic installment payments may be arranged, if you choose.


No, I take on projects of all sizes.

Yes. No matter what stage your pre-existing project is in, I’m happy to step in and start working on it. 

Yes, but rarely, as my local services alone keep my schedule full at most times.

If you’re already working on a project and simply need help with figuring out how to finish it using tools I’m familiar with, then in most cases I can do that.