Data Handling Agreement

Before work begins on your device(s) containing any personal data, please review and choose from the following options on how you’d like to proceed.

Note: This document is intentionally brief as it’s meant to be reviewed in person. Clarification on technical details is provided on-site, due to the variable nature of each project.

Looking for the print version of this form?

Looking for the print version of this form?

Backup methods include:

  • Manual Backups – Manually copying individual files and folders over to an external storage location.
  • Automated Backups – Using utilities like Time Machine (Mac) or File History (Windows).
  • Remote Backups – Backing up your data to a remote location, such as a cloud storage service.
  • Disk Cloning – Making an exact copy of your drive onto another drive. Good for preserving your OS.

Backups often include, bookmarks, contacts, passwords, documents, photos, music, videos, applications, application data, configuration settings and databases.

In the event of replacing a storage drive, it’s recommended to keep the replaced drive for a while as an archive drive, so that in the event of discovering something wasn’t copied over to its replacement, it’s possible to go back to the original drive to recover that data.

Sensitive data that is no longer needed on a certain storage device can be securely erased or destroyed at the client’s request.